Where Can You Touch a Man to Get Them Excited? Stroke to Success

Do you find that sometimes it is a struggle to get a man excited and you could use some expertise knowledge in the area? Touching a man in certain ways and in certain areas can get his attention focused solely on you and get him excited and breathing hard just by you being around him. Follow these simple tips on where can you touch a man to get them excited?:


If you are sat with a man who you fancy them when everyone is laughing at a joke, touch his thigh, about half way up from the knee. This will make him more comfortable with you two touching and signal to him that you are interested but not too interested. Also, when you are getting up out of your seat next to him, you could touch his thigh to leverage yourself up. Just make sure that you do not miss!

Brush Past

When you are walking past a man that you fancy, make sure that you brush past him and make a small amount of physical contact with him. By doing so, you show that you are comfortable in his personal space. If you can stroke their skin very slightly then it will give them goosebumps and they will remember it happening for ages afterwards.

Stay Close

If you two work in an office together, maybe you could ask him if he needs any help on his computer or stand really close to him in conversation and it will create a sexual chemistry in the air. You can them use opportunities to touch him like punch his arm if he makes a joke. Or pat him on the back for a job well done etc.

Save Yourself Time

If you have an absolutely stunning body then you will not even have to touch him to get excited, he will be excited immediately. Just think of those girls that have all the guys after them, it is because they have fantastic bodies and it seems so effortless to them.

Source by Richard Shelmerdine