What Brings Happiness In Life?

Here are five affirmations that have changed my life and I think with a little practice they could change yours too. It is something you can do every morning upon waking and before you fall asleep at night. It does not matter if you say them out loud or to yourself whatever works best for you. Don’t worry if you forget a day the idea that you want to change, is what brings happiness in life! Hang in there and have fun!

Five affirmations to what brings happiness in life!

1. I will not worry today

2. I will not be angry today

3. I will be honest today

4. I will feel blessed with all I have today

5. I will be kind to all living things.

What brings happiness in life?

I Will Not Worry Today

This affirmation, “Today I will not worry”, works for me however, if you find you need to rephrase it to something more positive you can. You could say, “I will be content with everything I do today.” I found I got caught on this affirmation a lot (I guess I am somewhat of a worry wart).

Believe it or not you will catch yourself if you start even the slightest bit of worry. The affirmation is simple to say and think about but harder to apply. Acknowledge this and move on and incorporate a positive thought like, “I am strong and I am going to make it through this today”. Do not forget to take a breath and remember that you are in control of your thoughts and you will succeed in all that you do. To succeed and find what brings happiness in life you will have to be extra mindful of your thoughts.

I Will Not Be Angry Today

This is a thought that you can switch up as well. You can say it in a positive affirmation, “I will stay in the happy zone today”. If you find that there are things that make you angry it is good to notice this. It means you are becoming a conscious thinker and those angry thoughts that are running through your head will be dealt with at a more conscious level. Although, again it all sounds so simple to do, you may have to dig deep for a more positive thought. Practice even if it feels like you are failing and not accomplishing the change in thought, is better than not noticing at all. Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for noticing your emotions. Believe with these affirmations are a stepping stone to what brings happiness in life.

I Will Be Honest Today

This is a great one for finding the happiness inside. It makes you feel accountable for even the tiniest of fibs. A great example of this would be when a friend texts you to come out with them but you are tired. You may catch yourself in a little white lie texting back “Sorry, I have a head ache.” but instead when you text back you will think twice knowing you are affirming honesty and you feel a need to be absolutely truthful. Always remember that goodness comes back to you so honesty is important in what brings happiness in life.

I Will Feel Blessed With All That I Have Today

Today is here and this moment is now. That really is all you ever have and where huge changes can be made in that one single moment. So take the time to notice everything around you. The curtains that hang on your window and the sun peeking through, the warmth you feel in your bed when the wind and snow whirl outside or your cat or dog curled up at your feet. Even just the smallest things when you really notice them can make you feel really grateful and set you on your road to happiness. So feel blessed for all that is right there in front of you in the moment and notice how good you feel.

I Will Be Kind To All Living Things

Know that your kindness to all things is what brings happiness in life. When you say a friendly, “Hello” to your neighbour, holding the door for a stranger, treating your mother to a cup of coffee, or even helping your friend pack for a big move it says you care and that you have a kind heart. This kindness doesn’t only apply to people it extends to other living things on earth as well. Kindness can mean adopting a pet giving it a second chance, saving the environment by planting trees, or protecting endangered species. Remember that your kindness can be contagious in a world that needs it most.

If you practice these five simple affirmations you will find what brings happiness in life and all your days will be happier. Try one or all of them and gradually you will feel better and change all your tomorrows to more positive days.

Source by Erin Somers