Thoughts That Feed the Resilient Mind: Affirmations, Thoughts to Stay Resilient

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Thoughts that Feed the Resilient Mind offers inspirational, challenging affirmations and provoking ideas to nurture the resilient mind. These thoughts provide enhancement to self-empowerment, spiritual awareness, and alternative ways of thinking and responding to life. The words in this work can help you maintain resiliency through adverse, traumatic, and difficult times. It may inspire you to respond with positive actions, uplift you, encourage you, and transcend your thoughts to feed the resilient mind. This is a guide for anyone wanting to stay resilient through unwanted events, such as loss of a job, a loved one, or a troubled relationship, or having trouble staying resilient when things do not go as planned. One may ask, “How often does one have to practice resiliency in order to count resiliency as an attribute to their character?” Resilience is necessary to grow through recovery and life’s challenges and uncomfortable situations. It is imperative that we respond and not react. Responding takes effort and application of spiritual principles such as love, forgiveness, and trust. Reacting usually results in needing forgiveness for inappropriate responses. We are responsible for our own healing, learning, and growth.