The Ultimate List of Ideas For Lucid Dreaming

When trying to lucid dream it is really important to have a certain idea about what you are going to do. If you don’t, you might get overwhelmed by the many possibilities or just do something stupid. Actually, it is best to have 2-3 ideas that are prioritized and do everything if possible. Sometimes lucid dreams may last longer just because you have an idea about what you want to do next.

I created this list to give you some ideas that you might select and put in your lucid dream’s to do list.



Walk through walls

Have a room in the best hotel in the world

Ride your favorite bike/car FULL SPEED

Meet movie celebrities

Meet deceased loved ones

Jump extra High

Run hyper Fast


Meet people from history

Travel time

Go to places you have seen on pictures

Meet cartoon characters like “The Simpsons”

Fly to the moon

Fall in love

Ask a question to your subconscious

Fly a war – plane

Speak with aliens

Become Hulk


Have sex

Have sex with a person from the real world

Have sex with a celebrity

Ride a Giant eagle or a Dragon

Participate in a pirate battle

Create a black hole and use it to teleport somewhere in time and space

Fight with NEO from the matrix

Be the chosen one and fight all the agents from the matrix

Live a lifetime

Use your subconscious to invent something creative

Ask your subconscious for an insight

Beat a nightmare

Face a fear or phobia

Become small and explore the athom

Super Hard

Fight Chuck Norris (or should I say… get smashed by Chuck Norris) – do this at your own risk 🙂

There, now you have some ideas about what you will do in your next lucid dream.

Source by Aleksandar Atanasoski