The Power of Your Subconscious – Use It to Achieve Your Dreams

Your subconscious mind gives you tremendous power and is working every day to achieve what it thinks you want but if you aren’t asking the right questions you might be sabotaging your own efforts!

The subconscious will always follow your commands but if you are always thinking negative thoughts; like I don’t think I can do this, of this is so hard, the subconscious assumes this is right and gives you those results.

Try an experiment: remember to view everything as positive; the task gets easier every day, and see the difference.

I am a very positive person, but I am certainly capable of thinking negatively about some tasks. For example I cannot imagine how anyone can touch type or type quickly, despite watching my daughter and others doing just that! Their fingers appear to fly over the keys. Whenever I think someone is watching me type I am all fingers and thumbs. This is completely irrational and now I am consciously aware I must re-train my subconscious and regularly remind it how much more proficient I am getting.

What is the behaviour you are going to improve? Give it a try, you have nothing to-loose and perhaps a lot to gain. Start with something small and see the advantages and then the sky is the limit. You can then work on any area you need to. We all have negative programs that with persistence we can change.

Another area we can use our subconscious is when we are trying to solve a problem, before going to sleep, write the problem down and consider all possibilities for solving it. Then turn it over to your subconscious to solve whilst you re asleep.

Expect a solution on waking; at first it may take a few attempts. How often have you heard people say they will sleep on it, and decide in the morning!

You may be wondering why speed typing would be important to me; well I write articles for my business pretty much every day and if I could touch type how much time I would save. I work at home, and have recently set up an affiliate marketing business which is a type of internet marketing and means with a lap top and internet connection I can work anywhere. Would that appeal to you?

Affiliate marketing is a simple inexpensive way to work at home it involves sending customers to other company’s products and getting paid for it. If you like the idea of working at home and starting a hobby business I your spare time there are many books offering suggestions or free YouTube training videos. Let your subconscious help you achieve your dreams, whatever they may be.

Books explaining how to use your subconscious:

“The power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr Joseph Murphy

“Living with Passion” by Peter L. Hirsch

“I Can Make You Smarter” by Paul McKenna

“The truth about success and motivation ” by Robert Montgomery

Source by Anne O’Dwyer