The Magic of Affirmations (The Magic of Self Help and Self Development Book 1)

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Affirmations can change your life. The MAGIC of AFFIRMATIONS is a unique book that explains what are affirmations, how and why they work and gives a number of techniques to use them effectively, including the picture or image affirmation technique which is much more effective. Then there are success stories about affirmations to motivate you. There are also more than 500 affirmations on more than 30 topics like abundance and prosperity, money, wealth, health, healing, marriage, inner child, stopping smoking, exercising, right eating, self esteem, love, anxiety and many more. You will also find instructions on how to create your own affirmations. And finally, as a bonus, there is a collection of quotations on affirmations. This one book should satisfy all your needs and queries about affirmations.