The 3 Steps of Positive Thinking

Becoming a positive thinker and doer is easy when you know the steps of positive thinking… and of course, you are willing to apply them! To benefit from positive thinking you must change your negative thoughts with new fresh positive ones.

How do you do that? Follow these simple yet powerful steps of positive thinking:

1. Become aware of your thoughts.

You can start by going somewhere quiet and just sit and observe what goes on in your mind. Don’t focus on any thought, just observe how your mind wanders and become aware of the direction of your thoughts. This is a very good exercise to getting to know yourself more deeply. You will discover whether you tend to worry about the future, to think about problems, or to look forward to what you are going to do next, for example.

2. Acknowledge your negative thoughts.

You will have to do a little soul-searching, as some of the negative thoughts are deep beliefs about life. Negative thoughts trigger negative emotions. A negative emotion like fear, jealousy, worry, anger, and many more, indicated that there is something wrong going on that does not match with what you are actually looking for. You can take your negative emotions as indicators that you are having negative thoughts. Most people often react to the negative emotions, without actually knowing it. Don’t let yourself be driven by your emotions. You can rather use them as a guidance system in knowing yourself better and understand which thoughts and beliefs cause your negative emotions.

3. Change your negative thoughts for positive ones.

The good part is that you can only think of one thing at a time, so if you focus upon something positive, there is definitely no room for negativity. Accept the existence of the negative thought, but replace it with a positive one. For instance, if you find yourself worrying about bills and financial status, shift your thoughts towards a good friend with whom you have a great relationship.

If you want to go deeper, you can still think about what is worrying you, but in a positive way that makes you feel good. Having a positive attitude is seeing the glass half-full. You can always be supportive of yourself and take the necessary steps of positive thinking by repeating these positive self-statements.

Don’t choose to carry the world upon your shoulders. There are times when it does seem a little hard to replace the negative thoughts, especially if you think you have a big problem. Notice the word “seem” because thinking positively is always a matter of choice, ultimately, and it is always attainable. It is necessary to admit that we may feel overwhelmed at times. If there is “too much”, let it go for a while and focus on living in the present. Return to your problems when you are ready to face them. From there, you have the power to follow these steps of positive thinking and choose positive things to focus on.

Still, if your negative emotions occur repeatedly, you may be keeping an old belief that does not match with what you now want. In this case, thinking about something positive will not help you in the long run, as the negative emotions will come back. That is why you must deal with the actual negative belief to stop the negative emotions coming back. You should explore the reasons why you keep a belief that makes you feel bad. Wouldn’t it be great to change it?

Summing up the steps of positive thinking:

– Be aware of your thoughts

– Use your negative emotions as indicators of your negative thoughts

– Replace your negative thoughts for positive ones, one at a time

Remember that it all comes down to how you want to see the reality around you, and it is always possible to get into a positive thinking state of mind.

These are the words of Henri Matisse…

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them”

Source by Victoria Wright