Success – Positive Thinking is a Way of Life

Can positive thinking help you succeed more in life? Absolutely! A positive thinker is a person who always looks for the best in him/herself, all people, and in all situations. Thus, the positive thinker brings out the best in him/herself, all people, and in all situations.

The law of attraction says, “Like attracts like.” If we look for the best then we’ll find the best and bring that into our lives. But by the same law of attraction if we look for the worst then we’ll find that and bring it into our lives. You see, it was Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, the modern father of positive thinking, who said, “Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure.”

So, there are two choices we have for the direction of our lives. We can choose the positive path or we can choose the negative path. The choice is ours. Let me share with you the story of two little boys who chose opposite paths. One of the boys was a negative thinker while the other was a positive thinker. On one particular Christmas, their father decided to perform an experiment with his sons. The custom in this family was that one boy would find his present on one side of the Christmas tree and the other boy would find his on the other side.

The negative thinking boy found his present and it was a brand new, shiny bike. The boy said, “I don’t want it. It is too dangerous. I just know I will crash and hurt myself.”

Meanwhile, his positive thinking brother found his present which was a simple box of manure. A smile came over the boy’s face. He looked at his parents and said excitedly, “Mom, Dad, you are so good to me. This is the best present ever – A PONY!” Be a positive thinker, look for the best, and live your success.

Source by Mark Bowser