Present Behavior Modification Techniques

Behavior modification techniques play a major role in the development of a child as they are growing. A parents need to implement them properly to instill discipline

Present behavior modification techniques have a good approach. They go in for positive reinforcement rather than punishment. This helps as your child understands what he is doing wrong and will try to correct it rather than blindly following instructions. Positive reinforcement also stresses the need for rewards to be distributed when children behave up to expectations. Small perks and gifts need to be awarded quite frequently to your child. Keep an eye out in your child’s day to day schedule to pick out those minor improvements such as doing their own laundry or washing dishes. Now reward these activities and praise your child. You could give him a small gift like a toy or any thing that they like.

Children must think for themselves. Hence if you keep bribing your child continuously then they stop thinking. They will be working thinking about only the money or reward and you will not instill the right attitude. Use day to day items as rewards and short stories to instill the sense of achievement in your child so that he does his works. Only good kids get pie and cake is for those who clean up after themselves are quite common. Remember that threatening your child will never works as this will only cause your child to rebel rather than do the job.

Behavior modification calls for the complete interaction of both parents and teachers along with the child. Communication is very important and hard between adults and children. You have to try and speak your kid’s language as it is quite difficult for them to understand yours. Hence you need a lot of patience. To improve your child’s behavior you need to make sure they get the concept of understanding what they are doing. This can be facilitated only if your child is able to understand exactly what he is needed to do and why.

Source by Robert Shorn