Positive Attitude Quotes Help You Achieve Your Goals

Positive attitude quotes are often found in employee cubicles, posted on hallways, on bulletin boards, on service counters, and on training manuals.

Practically anyone in a sales organization has been exposed to affirmations or positive attitude quotes. Sales training often includes suggestions in developing a positive mental attitude through the use of affirmations. These positive quotes serve to counteract the constant exposure to rejection that is an intrinsic part of direct sales.

Positive attitude quotes work. They help you achieve your goals by nurturing faith in yourself, in your product and in your market.

Even mysticism makes use of positive attitude quotes. It is common for mystics to develop short quotes or short prayers that they repeat throughout the day to feed their faith; they are called “ejaculatory prayers” or simply “ejaculations.” These well-chosen quotes and prayers, repeated throughout the day, have a twofold purpose: to keep them focused and to give them strength to continue their walk.

Are minds are often congested with ideas, fleeting thought, useless worries, and unwelcome imagery. You must force your goals into that traffic jam. Using affirmations and visualizing what you are affirming will clear your mind and bring back the sight of your goal line.

Isn’t it a shame when we see work areas and service counters where employees have posted some sarcastic quote that actually degrades their relationship with their customers or coworkers? What may seem funny and cute will keep them neck deep in mediocrity while they continue to grumble unaware.

Positive attitude quotes, affirmations, and ejaculations are food for your soul and will help you achieve your goals!

Source by Juan Carcache