Philippine School of Culinary Arts

Are you looking for the best institution to train you for a career in the culinary arts? The Philippine School of Culinary (PSCA) is famous all over the world for its excellent education programs and is the country’s first culinary arts school in the South.

The Philippine School of Culinary is nestled in a hotel facility. It offers a very thorough culinary education to all its students, with courses in culinary, pastry arts, and hospitality management. This institution is also proud of its first class hands-on training where students learn the most necessary techniques required to become successful culinary professional in the local and international scene.

The Philippine School of Culinary Arts is driven by its mission to mold students into self-assured, highly-trained, skilled, and internationally competitive professionals for the culinary industry.

The students in the Philippine School of Culinary are the focus of the school’s being. The Philippine School of Culinary Arts lives on the values of respect, tolerance, individual accountability and service. Its students are undoubtedly the sole reason for its existence.

The programs and facilities of the Philippine School of Culinary are world-class. The institution boasts of its modern facilities, extensive curriculum, and classes that require you to try doing things yourself. Its popular “learning by doing” education method makes for an excellent culinary experience.

The Philippine School of Culinary offers the following courses:
* Diploma in Culinary Arts and Patisserie – this is a two-year course is mainly designed for those who want to pursue a career in the culinary.

* Diploma in Culinary Management – this is a nine-month course that is meant for those who have had culinary training and exposure in the hospitality industry but who wish to specialize in this field.

* Diploma in Pastry Arts Management – this course is also designed for those who want to improve their skills. This course is a six-month program.

* Certificate in Basic Culinary Arts – this course is for those who don’t want to make culinary arts their major career. This teaches the basics of cooking and food preparation.

* Certificate in Italian Cuisine – this course is taught by an Italian Master Chef and is meant to broaden one’s knowledge on Italian dishes.

* Short Courses – these are seasonal courses that are perfect for those who want to become culinary professionals.

One of the main reasons why the Philippine School of Culinary is a great choice is because the students belong to small-sized classes. This means that with the student-faculty ratio at 12:1, professors will have plenty of time to get to know each student’s strengths and weaknesses. With this, the faculty members will have a clear idea how to motivate, challenge, and help each student in their classes.

Source by Milos Pesic