Our Subconscious Mind

I class our subconscious mind a massive storage that our conscious mind uses to store data after processing it.

Our subconscious mind saves all our previous life experiences such as our memories, beliefs, skills, faces, along with all the situations we have been through and the things we saw.

Do you remember driving your car for the very first time?

I bet you were nervous!

You were paying more attention to the pedals, clutch, accelerator and brake while managing the gears more than anything else. If someone had asked you to smoke a cigarette or make a call while driving you wouldn’t have been able to do such additional tasks while driving, right?

Of course, because we don’t use it to learn such tasks it’s a job for our conscious mind.

On autopilot!

You continue to practice your driving more frequently until it gets picked up by your subconscious mind and that’s when you can smoke a cigarette, make a call, and keep your eyes off road for a few seconds to tune your radio without even thinking of the clutch, accelerator, brake or gears as it continues to happen on auto pilot.

Remember this happened because you learned how to drive and there was nothing more for you to learn, so your conscious mind transferred and stored your driving skills into your subconscious mind and that made you conscious mind free to do more things such as smoking a cigarette, talking on the phone, tuning the radio at the same time as driving.

I remember teaching my Ex girlfriend how to drive a car which she never thought she could learn to drive. I gave her a few lessons, although it wasn’t easy because she kept resisting but finally when she couldn’t find a way out she learned how to drive. Today she drives better than I do.

It is responsible for our feelings and emotions that we suddenly experience each time we face a new situation. Let’s say if you are going to deliver a speech then all the feelings of fear and anxiety you may experience and in fact produced and controlled by your own subconscious mind.

Our conscious mind is responsible for rational decisions, calculations, logics and our actions that we take on everyday life while being conscious.

It controls our body functions like breathing, heart beats, balancing, walking etc including skills that are stored it such as driving, cycling, eating, drinking such and such.

If you try and control your breathing your conscious mind will toggle the job of your subconscious mind and you will be able to stop your breathing but as soon as you will let go and get busy doing other tasks your subconscious will kick in again by taking over your breathing to get it going on auto pilot.

Can you reprogram it?

Each time when information is passed on and stored in our subconscious mind it’s saved as a program. Now if you know about computers you would know when you double click on any application it opens up with limited options and functions it cannot do more than its capabilities such as windows live mail/outlook cannot allow you to do the browsers job in it.

Same rules apply for other activities, feelings and emotions. If someone made you angry by their annoyance that installed a program that triggers anger every time it’s launched.

The reprogramming and its programs allows us to fix many issues in our personality which makes us able to deal with certain situations in a more efficient way when those programs are run in our subconscious mind.

The task of reprogramming it can be achieved through hypnosis. The fact is our subconscious mind learns auto pilot tasks by repetition instead of logic. That’s the main reason we could convince someone into believing something they don’t believe just by repeating the same argument over and over again in comparison with logic which wouldn’t work.

The laws that govern it!

Like everything else in life, in order to make use your subconscious mind to its full power you must first understand the principles of it and the fact is our subconscious mind is governed by a number of those principles.

Learning those principles will give you the power to make use of it with minimum effort.

The ego defence mechanisms of our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind has its own protection mechanism system to respond to against shocks and emotional wounds just like our physical body has its own protection mechanism system to respond to when it’s in shock or physically wounded. If you like reading

Subconscious mind and break up recovery!

One of the biggest mistakes that some people make after they break up with their partner is to carrion with the same sets of beliefs stored in their subconscious mind. In my other article How to get over someone fast? I explained, after breaking up how important and vital it is to get rid of toxic and damaging beliefs such as “The Only One” “My Soul mate” which could help you get over and recover from your break-up in less than a few days.

The sooner you get rid of such beliefs the sooner it will ease your heartache and you will realize that you can find your new partner who could replace the one you broke up with and that’s when recovery starts to happen.

Can we use our conscious and subconscious mind together?

It happens all the time on auto pilot but to make it work consciously by pairing our conscious and subconscious mind together requires a lot of practice and self understanding that most people out there don’t have. Usually people know others better than they know themselves.

However, if we can manage to make our conscious brain to handle a task before assigning it to our subconscious brain and wait until the feedback appears in our conscious brain in form of emotions and feelings as direct response of injecting those tasks into our subconscious brain.

Our subconscious brain sends our conscious brain messages in form of emotions to notify us about the danger that lies ahead.

By practicing to learn how to sync your conscious and subconscious mind you abilities and defences will be stronger and of course you will be in control of your emotional stability.

Source by Michelle Cotter