My Favorite New Year’s Resolution Quotes

There is one thing that gets to me every time I hear of New Year’s resolutions. It would be the wisdom, humor and views of personalities in human history. Naturally, these sayings were noted because of the gravity of truths behind each. In fact, many people live by such truths, perhaps putting the phrases among the top sources of wisdom about making commitments as we face another year.

It is fair to say as well that these New Year’s resolution quotes have become favorites because they are attributed to famous people. I came across T.S. Elliot’s piece when I read his biography a decade back and the astuteness of my loved author has stuck since. To wit, he said,

“For the last year’s words belong to last year’s language

And next year’s words await another voice

And to make an end is to make a beginning.”

So true and so spoken with eloquent integrity! The past year has its place in our own histories and while we have learned from it, the New Year deserves a new voice. We are in the position to give our lives that voice for the year or life we face ahead. But it is only fair to begin January 2011 on a relevant note, which are the lessons and gains we have had for the past years. As T.S. Elliot put so wisely, while we end what needs to be ended, like the bad and negative aspects of our life.

We need not carry the baggage of the past if we desire a better future. Therefore, we must build a better song for the New Year, using the voices of hope for what is ahead.

Another favorite among New Year’s resolution quotes would be from Bill Vaughan which I read my Mom’s Reader’s Digest. The famed columnist said, “An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in; a pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.” A good delineation between two kinds of people! I am definitely up waiting for the clock to open a New Year. What about you?

Finally, here’s my third and last favorite among many New Year’s resolution quotes. For those who know me, I like a good laugh. Anything I find funny, regardless of how true or too far from home, the amusement sticks. It is the same with sayings about the turn of the year. Now here comes the funniest among all New Year’s resolution quotes. It is from Joey Adams, a columnist, writer and a true comedian. He was quoted saying, “May all your troubles last long as your New Year’s resolutions!

Don’t scowl on me now, Hazel! My friend, it was Joey Adams who poked your short-lived resolutions, not me! Pardon me, I just had to say that. But really. This pokes us to think: Do I stick to my resolutions? Or are my troubles sending an alarm that there IS a need to change?

True, this quote is filled with humor. But it doesn’t hit a funny bone in people who need to have their troubles cut short, It sends others knocking on wood as well, particularly those who are bent on really fulfilling their New Year’s resolutions.

There are so many other sources of wisdom about the commitments we make for the coming year. However, we need not follow just a famous saying or a literary material if we make such decisions. Like other quotations or sayings, New Year’s resolution quotes are meant to poke us into serious thought. Others are great sources of wisdom and humor, while the rest as simply noted because someone famous made the comments. What is important at this point is this: when we make decisions, they must be anchored on what makes us happy, whole and better.

As for the three New Year’s resolutions quotes where I shared insights on, they have been very helpful to me as a person. More so, they always made me look at the New Year with an open, hopeful heart and mind, as I look back at the past year with gratitude for everything gained and learned.

Source by Arina Nikitina