How to Housebreak the Most Stubborn Yorkies

Are you tired of your Yorkie using the bathroom all over your household? Buying all that stain remover and disinfectant over and over again has to get old. Housetraining your Yorkie can be beneficial to both you and your dog and can relieve you of having to worry about if your Yorkie secretly went somewhere while you weren’t home.

Yorkies already have a bad reputation when it comes to housetraining. You have probably heard from other Yorkie owners that “they are impossible to housetrain, housetraining takes way too long, they never want to go when you take them outside” etc. Well after about 12 weeks old, a Yorkie is physically able to hold their bladders and bowels.

Despite the fact that they can be stubborn and might present some challenges while housetraining, Yorkies can be housetrained to use the bathroom in strict designated areas. Once trained, they will behave better and they will reliably go wherever their spot is.

The key with housetraining a Yorkie is being diligent and consistent. You can’t expect your dog to be trained overnight. It takes time and patience but with these techniques you will be on your way to having an obedient, healthy, happy Yorkie.

The first thing you have to do is establish designated bathroom areas for your Yorkie to use. The most effective indoor method I have witnessed is the use of “potty pads” or training pads. When your Yorkie is about to go to the bathroom take it straight to the designated bathroom area to let them know that this is the right place.

Cleaning up after your Yorkie when it has an accident is crucial to removing any scents that their urine left behind. Using a disinfectant cleaning solution to eliminate the smell will prevent your Yorkie to being lured into that spot again.

Housetraining your Yorkie will be much more difficult if you don’t have a set schedule. Creating a schedule when to feed your Yorkie and let it out to use the bathroom at routine times will help enforce a strict schedule upon your dog. This will help to eventually “burn” these times into his or her brain and your Yorkie will know exactly when it is time to potty every day. Don’t forget to use positive reinforcement and reward your Yorkie when they do use the right potty area even if it’s inside or outside.

Source by Patricia Wight