How To Find Your Niche! Find Your Passion, Find Your Niche!

You’ve wanted to start a home business for some time now, but you can’t seem to get a handle as to what. You want to make a good decision as to the type and scope of the business. So, must first find your niche. A niche is your special sliver of the business pie. It’s your little area expertise.

For example, a janitorial company normally offers cleaning services of every variety, and that’s the whole cleaning pie. However, a person who operates a carpet cleaning service, is specializing in a specific piece of that pie. That’s their area of expertise. The niche becomes narrowed by offering a limited specialty service, such as spot and odor removal. This service is normally part of the carpet cleaner’s broader niche. Specializing in a limited area is a narrower niche. This type of specialty niche commands higher prices for its services and products.

Ok, now your thinking I’m no expert so what would be my niche? Surprisingly, you are more of an expert than you give yourself credit. Simply take an inventory of yourself. On paper write the answers to the following:

1. What are my interests/hobbies?

2. What am I passionate about?

3. What special skills do I have?

4. Whats my work experience

5. What am I good at?

Now don’t skimp on the information, write everything that comes to mind, even if it seems trivial. Look over your answers and let them sink in. The KEY is to find your interest or passion and match it to the needs of a target group or market.

Now, decide on no more than three areas of interest. Using the tools below, determine your target market. You can go to This is a free tool that will tell you how many people are looking for specific keywords on Google and other search engines each month. Anything from 3,000 and up to 200,000 is a healthy activity. Say you type in a search for Hand Made Jewelry, your results should give you information about supply and demand.

Supply is the quantity of sites offered on the internet, and demand is the number of searches for those words. This helps in determining if your niche has a healthy market. One or two of your choices may be something that people will be willing to pay for information about, or for your product and services. When you match your passion to the needs of others, you have found your niche. Your chance for success increases when you have an interest or passion in what you’re doing.

Find Your Passion! and you’ve found your niche. Questions or comments please contact me. I am happy to respond.

Source by Paul LeMay