How to Deal With Rejection Syndrome

 This aspect of handling rejection requires deep understanding. You have read in most inspirational books on how to succeed, but most of these books discuss little or nothing of how to handle the dangerous two lettered word “NO“. In most cases, you have ended up a good relationship because a friend, a wife, a husband, a business partner, associate or acquaintance said “NO” to your greatest need. Yes indeed, nobody wants to be rejected by anyone else but in daily human relationships, one should anticipate such and be prepared to give an articulate positive reply that can neutralize its effect. If you have not you have not mastered this art, you have to do so. Don’t just accept defeat. Learn to say no to no.

This instruction is in line with the military philosophy which states that “If you want peace, you must be prepared for war”. If at all you want grand success, you must be ready to arm or equip yourself with necessary fact that can enable you handle any form of “NO” or rejection.

In all societies, developed or underdeveloped, there are lots of mean fellows who do not appreciate other people’s success or efforts. They create public criticism, shout horrible insults and create avenues to ridicule you, your family, friends and associates. These groups of never-do-well can create different forms of rejection. If you don’t understand them for what they are, you may give room for a negative mental attitude within you. There should be no room for inner intimidation which indirectly affects your physical stand for success. Be sure you train yourself in the art of controlling external rejection, no matter whom it comes from. If you accept yourself and able to develop enough self confidence, you will be able to handle any form of rejection.

Source by Nicholas Anyanwu