How Self Aware Is Your Interview Candidate? Seven Questions To Test Self Awareness

I recently went through a batch of new and year old graduates and after parsing (testing, interviewing) 40 odd prospects only made two offers. How do you improve your chances as a candidate. What are some of the questions I would/should ask?

The key attribute that distinguishes an outstanding small business employee is self awareness. In the last 13 years I have found self aware candidates to be more productive, more loyal, more resourceful and far easier to manage than candidates who were not.

Here is my first installment of interview questions that I wish candidates would review before walking in for an interview and more technology business owners should ask. The looks that you get as well as the answers will tell you much about the self awareness potential of the person you are interviewing:

1. A small business is a small business. Which means that if you have like structure and clarity you should stay away. If you like chaos and ambiguity, you should apply. Define structure, clarity, chaos and ambiguity?

2. A product focused company is different from a custom software development shop. A product focused company is not a software house. What do you think you will do here that you would not be doing at a software house?

3. Why not some one or some place else? Why us? Why now?

4. How much of a premium are you willing to pay for working with a group that is smarter than you are? How smart are you?

5. What is important to you? When was the last time you compromised on something that was important to you?

6. Are you self aware? Define self aware?

7. Have you had a life changing experience as yet? If not, why not?

Source by Jawwad Farid