Healing Subconscious Holograms in the Energy Body

Sounds interesting, complicated, spooky, ridiculous, and maybe just plain out there right? Well, yeah but not after you work on a couple of them. I personally have been working for the last 15 years of personal development technique which have included extensive work on the inner child, archetypes, past traumatic events with varies different techniques. And I come from experience when I say that the manner of which we are now approaching these inner picture is fascinating, more powerful then ever, and also luckily quite simple. These inner pictures what I really like to referred to as Subconscious Holograms, or what others have called these inner pictures of ourselves, which by the way are stuck in a certain “defensive mode” – Energy Conscious Holograms. Mr. Karl Dawson, a Master EFT Practitioner gave it that name when a client saw a picture of herself in her mind, that session led to the continued exploration of working with these inner picture and left us with some new and exciting understandings in our possession.

He says in his web page that he believes the inner pictures we see of ourselves of a past traumatic experience are left in the Matrix field and that they are conscious and intelligent. I believe he is right, but I also believe that he is just describing the subconscious mind’s recording of the event. My personal feeling is that the key “insight” is that we can ask these inner picture questions and get unique and intelligent answers. Questions for example like, “Are there others like you that I should know about that need help too?” (which amazingly new and very important images are pull up that do need healing, ones that you would never have thought of consciously) or “What would you like to do right now?” or “What do you want?” When you are working with one – you absolutely get the feeling that these inner images are independent beings inside of you because of the kind of answers you get from them. You will get answers that do not to come from you at all but directly from these “subconscious holograms”.

It is in these moments when we can clearly see and experience the intelligence of the subconscious mind. In addition, can get as far as knowing it can have it’s own agenda – of course all of it is to ensure we remain happy. It is quite fascinating. Then again, it is just our subconscious mind that is stuck in a traumatic experience. We read do only use five percent of our intelligence, and here is a good example of what we can begin to tap a little further into the mind.

If you want a powerful technique to use when you do bring up these picture I recommend using the Heart Matrix Integration to losing up these “past but present defensive modes” and allow a healthy flow in your life again.

Source by Victtor Da Ponte