Healing Powers of Subconscious Mind – Learn How to Tap Into It!

The most mysterious and least understood human abilities are the healing powers of subconscious mind. Imagine the strides that could be made in health and longevity if we could learn how to unlock this healing ability at will. Some people tap into this powerful force unconsciously, or by luck, while others try to harness it through guided meditation and positive thinking.

Even mainstream medical science has come to recognize the healing powers of subconscious mind. In fact, this principal is the basis for placebo treatments. While doctors may not understand why it is so, they realize that a patient’s mindset has control over his recovery.

Many people have reversed terminal illnesses after conventional medicine had abandoned all hope. Some of these have gone on to teach others the mind control tricks they used. Others have made it their life passion to spread the word about the healing powers of subconscious mind. Dr. Norman Cousins, Louise Hay, and Dr. Joseph Murphy are people who experienced this mysterious and powerful force at work in their lives and wrote books to help others develop the same power.

The most common technique for tapping the healing powers of your subconscious is that of using affirmations. Instead of filling your mind with negative thoughts about how sick you are and living your life with a heart full of dread, force yourself to repeat positive statements that declare you are healthy and whole. It will be difficult, especially at first. When you are able to think those thoughts with conviction and total belief, magical things begin to happen.

You can train yourself to reach deep into your inner being and access the healing powers of subconscious mind by learning meditation and visualization. This helps to alleviate the stress you feel over your illness and gives you the power to fight it. A popular trick is to visualize your white blood cells as being an army that rounds up and obliterates your sick cells.

The healing powers of the mind can also be used to help other people. One method was devised by the mental master Jose Silva. He developed a program that taught students how to use their powerful minds to bring about healing in others. This Silva method is still being taught today.

Charles Fillmore was another master of mental power who used his knowledge to heal others and teach others to do the same. He founded the Unity movement, which has gone mainstream and has centers all over the world today that incorporate mental powers with spirituality. The Secret may have awakened a whole new generation to the miracle making abilities of the human mind, but students of mental power have been quietly using these powers for thousands of years.

The healing powers of your mind are as fundamental as belief itself; a simple thing, yet so difficult to achieve with an undisciplined mind. Belief is the most powerful force in the universe and could even be the power that brings it into existence. Training your mind so it is able to grab just a tiny bit of belief can unleash a life changing transformation due to healing powers of subconscious mind.

Source by Steve L Hughes