Happiness – Tips For Having a Happy Life

It’s difficult to pinpoint what makes a person happy. Happiness is what most people are striving for in life and this article offers some tips on how to find it.

For many happiness seems fleeting, it’s here one moment and gone the next. The new car, the dream job or the perfect lover, often they satisfy for a while but so often the longing comes back for something more. So how can we find the happiness that gives us long term fulfilment?

1) Comparing – Stop comparing yourself to others. There are always going to be others who have more than you, be better than you or have something that you don’t. Enjoy what you can and try to be grateful for what you have. It can be difficult at times but it is an effective way to curb unhappiness. Comparing yourself to others will bring stress, frustration and contempt.

2) Positive – Look on the bright side and see the glass half full. It sounds like a cliché but the happiest people usually see the upside of everything. See difficulties as challenges rather than failures.

3) Health – Take care of yourself, eat well and exercise regularly. If you’re unfit and overweight it will lower your self esteem. Having a good self esteem will bring you happiness.

4) Count your blessings – Live each day knowing that it could be worse. Appreciate friends and family and make the most of them.

5) Generosity – Be generous with your time. Spending time with people is a great way to spread happiness. Give as much as you can, making others happy will reinforce your own happiness.

6) Help others – There are many people who need help, be it friends, family, co workers or complete strangers. Helping others enriches our lives and is very satisfying.

I hope you find these tips useful and they help you to find happiness in your life.

Source by Hank Daly