Happiness is Being Immune to the Opinions of Others

When you feel completely confident in who you are in the world and how you behave– regardless of the situation–then you can be happy. The wise adage, “What other people think about me is none of my business,” describes a powerful way to live your life.

Think a moment, about the kind of person who makes negative comments about others. What kind of person speaks about people behind their back rather than going up to the person with whom they have some gripe and working it out with that person?

The simple answer? That kind of person is unsure who he is in the world. He has low self-esteem and tries to make himself look good or better than others by putting others down.

Such a person lives under the mistaken perception that putting others down makes him look good. Actually, most people find slanderous and judgmental comments as evidence that the speaker is someone to avoid.

What I think and do and say is what I believe, in my heart, to be the truth. I think most people operate in a similar manner. The only people who judge others are those who judge themselves-harshly. When you stop and think about it, you will realize that the person who judges others actually speaks volumes about his own shortcomings.

The person who points the accusing finger at others actually has three fingers pointing right back at him. What a commentary!

People who feel good about themselves only speak when they have something important or helpful to contribute. They do not feel a need to put anybody down. Happy people know not to judge for no one knows what it is like to live the life of another person until they walk in the shoes of that other person.

Would you honor the opinion of someone who judges others? I would not even allow them in my energy field. Negative energy impacts all those in the environment. And it also returns to the sender because we are all one.

Source by Ali Bierman