Conscious Awareness of the Universe

Acharya Kanad, an Indian philosopher and teacher born in 600Bc, was inspired to know the make-up of the universe down to the unseen particles of atoms (anu) and molecules (renu). This was likely inspiration because the tools for even supposing this fact were not developed for centuries. Ancient Vedic philosophers imagined that atoms were invisible points in space and the Buddhist believed that atoms were minute invisible objects that come into being and vanish within an instance. How is it that these ancient philosophers with none of the tools of modern physics were able to imagine such things that are now known as the best of our scientific understanding of the universe? Albert Einstein relates his theory of how human beings discover truth:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Albert Einstein

Renowned American Theoretical Physicist, Richard Feynman states: “Science is imagination in a straitjacket.”

Inspiration and imagination are obviously the “seeds” that cause us to seek to conceptualize and explain our universe through scientific methods and mathematics. Scientific methods are very important for making these inspirations known and understandable to other human beings but these are only tools to organize our thoughts. How effective is it to attempt to develop new knowledge based on simply “thinking” and studying known facts? Is it really “thought power” that gives us these new discoveries? Not according to Einstein and other great discoverers of our past.

Modern science knows how much of our universe is perceived by us through the method of deduction. How is it that we will ever know about the other 95%? Whatever has worked in the past usually will work now and into the future but no one is really teaching the methodology used by all the great discoverers of the past. We teach the scientific methods and mathematics but we do not necessarily teach how imagination and inspiration happen.

When we consider what most of these people who are called “great minds” spent their time doing, only a small percentage of that time was spent doing research, mathematics, or scientific methods before the discovery. Certainly after the discovery, after the inspiration born of their imagination was conceived; many, many hours of work to actually prove and explain the theories must be done. But, just as with the ancient philosophers and fathers of modern scientific knowledge, “thinking” was not responsible. Rather what we call daydreaming, meditation, and being still and letting the imagination “run wild” are terms commonly used to explain the birthplace of inspired knowledge. And knowledge it is as the scientific method later proves!

If we as the collective body of human beings are to further evolve in our understanding and interaction with the universe, we must begin to increase our conscious awareness of the true sources of inspiration and truth. If we continue to rely on our capability of thought only, we will continue to make war, be criminals, behave selfishly, and pollute to ruin all of this world we live on. We know we will because for most of our historical past, we have been relying on only our thinking minds and our ability to catalog and correlate knowledge as the path to success. But look around; is what we as “thinking mind” people have created a success or are we creating a dying world and failing civilizations? It could easily be argued that we are on a path of destruction if we consider only the current directions we are heading.

Fortunately for us, the other 95% of the universe; the part we have not yet been able to conceptualize, label, and publish theories about; is intelligent and will in time penetrate our obsessively thinking minds and cause our awareness to increase. In periods where our minds are not frantically thinking, (usually of repetitive and known things, often vein or dramatic stories of past and future); a small, still voice, a glimmer of imagination, or a spark of inspiration will be realized that will kindle each evolving step we take toward survival and ultimate peace. All we must do is realized the truth and allow it to happen by quieting the mind noise and listening to the intelligence that has been responsible for all of our true progress over our perception of time.

Source by Aaron R. Sinclair