Child Development – Social and Emotional: How to Help Your Child Develop

The social issues that plague our society and affect our children are only getting worse. We are seeing more behaviour problems less shame and little consequence.

Ever really wondered who your true friends and loved ones are, may I suggest having a baby. Parenthood, like everything else in life is subjective and every rule has a double standard. Parenting is harder then any 9-5 I can think of. There is allot of bad parenting going on out there, we all know it, all you have to do is take a close look around. Most of us will sit back and judge, gossip over coffee, but do nothing about it. On the flip side, you’re not safe from coffee gossip and ridicule especially if you go that extra mile with the kiddies’. From what I can see there is no simple win-win here, but we all have a choice.

We all have dreams, hope and wishes for our children, and different styles in how to get them there. That’s no big deal; most day to day parenting decisions are nobody’s business. If you choose cloth diapers over manufactured, breast feed for more than six months, feed baby what you eat instead of mac and cheese, or maybe there is a specific philosophy you have chosen to live your family life by. For the most part most of us do the best we can with what we have.

I use to believe the only way we could experience our true character was to either to believe we were going to die or to metaphorically die by separating ourselves from everything but the very basic necessities. I now know true character does not reveal it’s self until you’re facing off with a two year old. What is everyone’s business and responsibility is the safety and wellbeing of all children. That goes double for family members.

We all talk about it; we have all seen it happen. How many of us have done something about it? My husband and I have. We aggressively confronted that woman at a store abusing and threatening her kid, you know the type, the ones who dare you to do anything about it. We have no idea what the after effects were, but we do know for that one moment that little one had someone stand up for him, probably for the first time.

With that said we have friends, in fact more than one of friends set who spank their kids, and they like our choice not to about as much as we like theirs to. However, they are the type of parents who can spank without repercussions, or causing any physical or mental harm to their kids. In fact they are some of the best parents we know, with amazing, thoughtful and well balance children. So why is it OK for some parents and not for others? I really don’t know, but from what I can see it has to do with intentions. Are you spanking to teach boundaries after exhausting all other methods in order to keep your child safe, or are you spanking because you’re not smart enough or too lazy to do anything else about it. What scares me the most are kids without boundaries? I am sure these are the ones that turn into narcissistic little sociopaths, and why wouldn’t they? Most of them probably have had either neglectful parents who give them anything just so they don’t have to deal with them or well meaning parents in their quest to raise a kid with great self-esteem, who forgot to mention while they are filling their kids head with delusion of you deserve to have anything you want, be whoever you want, take whatever you want, make decisions that benefit you only… who forgot to mention… there is a reaction for every action and consequences… who forgot to mention… never benefit at the expense of others… who forgot to mention.

Source by Samantha Rosenberg