Anomalies of Autism – Questions For Scientists and Parapsychologists

My work with many students with severe autism has significantly expanded my concept of reality. These are truly amazing souls who have much to teach us about consciousness. Please begin to listen!

I have engaged in thought, word and picture sending, joining, and possibly receiving for many years. I can quantitatively prove that a transfer occurs when I am sending. Joining and receiving is qualitative. Although I believe it is a spiritual or subconscious connection, I am hopeful there is a way to measure what areas of the brain are being activated during the process.

This phenomenon is apparent in Facilitated Communication-FC, Supported Typing, and Rapid Prompting Method-RPM. agent dependent typing- the person with severe autism hits the keys independently or selects answers from a field of choices, but needs a person who serves as a catalyst in his proximity.

I have many unanswered questions. I believe that pursuing the answers would enhance our understanding of consciousness and also help us accommodate individuals with autism. These phenomenal individuals are being under utilized. Using an EEG on the facilitator and the non-verbal typist would be a good place to start.

These are some of the questions I would like to see investigated:

1. Do our brain wave frequencies entrain during ‘thought joining’ often present in facilitated communication, creating a sympathetic resonance?

2. What areas of the brain are being activated during the exchange? Are brain wave patterns in sync during interactions? Is it similar to the entrainment of brain waves that is seen between energy healers and patients?

3. Is ‘joining’ occurring at a subconscious level? Does it assist in tapping into an emanating universal field of knowledge in addition to the knowledge base of the agent? Does adhering to the vibration of the facilitator help the brain filter material? Does it help the person with severe autism experience typical perceptual reality through the perceptual and sensory system of the agent?

4. Is it possible that two distinct frequencies blended together form a third frequency? (Think of binaural beats or chemical changes) How does this shared frequency affect communicative output?

5. Can syncing through the FC process be compared to the synchronization of coupled oscillators? Does this also help to explain group resonance? Is this why students remain calm and engaged around staff that stays present and focussed on the material?

6. Does the facilitator/agent serve as a catalyst, providing the stimulus necessary for severely autistic people with minimal language skills to access a response? Are his high-speed fleeting thoughts and chaotic flow being entrained by magnetic signals of the agent? Could these radiations produce the telepathic receiving experiences by acting on the temporal lobe?

7. Are the brain waves of the facilitator and the non verbal autistic person syncing at the same frequency and length? Are the autistic person’s brainwaves lengthening and slowing down?

8. Is the right brain being stimulated during the connection? Is that why the language used when paired with an agent is sometimes prosaic?

9. Does aligning with the rhythm of the facilitator help some some severe individuals perform movements in a more synchronized manner? Does the facilitator help the individual attune to the frequency of the earth? (Schuman waves 7.8 -8 hz. Is this why the person hitting the keys, at least temporarily seems more organized?

10. Is the pineal gland primarily hyper active in kids with severe autism causing them to easily let go of ego based consciousness? Is it hypo active in higher functioning individuals resulting in rigid concrete behavior? Might this also be true of the amygdala? How might the pineal gland and/or the amygdala be affected by the joining process?

11. What role if any does the reticular activating system play?

And the list goes on! Please look beyond the phrasing of some of my questions. I am not an academic, scientist, or researcher. My paradigm is based on observation of my personal experience. I have videos available for viewing by qualified scientists or researchers.

Mary Ann Harrington MA

Source by Mary Ann Harrington