3 Things That Are Often Mistaken For Happiness

Happiness is something that has a different definition for every other person. What may make one person happy would not necessarily make another happy. We often get ourselves involved with things that we feel would make us happy but in reality they make us feel everything except happy. Below are 3 such things.

1. A job you hate

Having a steady monthly salary is of course very important to pay your bills and help you survive, but if you really hate your job then you should think if it’s really worth it. If you’re not happy at work, then obviously your productivity will suffer and you will find it a hassle to complete your daily tasks. You would find work to be very stressful and you won’t have peace of mind. This way, you will jeopardize things outside your work. If this is the case with you, then you need to change the way things are. You can get yourself transferred in a different department in the same firm or get your timings changed. If it still doesn’t work, then its better you search for other employment opportunities.

2. A romantic relationship that isn’t working

There is no such thing as a perfect romantic relationship. All relationships have to go through the ups and downs but if you have a relationship that is stressful and painful over a prolonged period of time, then it’s time that you face the truth and take an action. Many times we stay in failed relationships because we feel that having a partner is important for happiness. This is not true. If a relationship is constantly putting you under a lot of pressure, then it’s not happiness. You need to face the truth and discuss it with your partner. It’s better to end it and save each other more pain.

3. Owning the latest in everything

For many people, happiness is buying the latest model of a particular car or getting the latest cell phone. Such people love to show off their stuff to others and enjoy the compliments they receive from others regarding it. However, such an obsession is a never ending one. Every month the definition of what’s latest is going to change and this will make you want to keep on spending money to buy things that you don’t really need. It’s not necessary that only a latest cellphone would be able to satisfy all your needs. If you have such an obsession then think over it. Think about other important things where you can spend your money. Spending all your salary on this obsession and having nothing left to pay the bills will surely not make you happy.

Source by Tarresa J Muffet