Harib Shaqsy

How to Do Just about Anything

[ad_1] There are few satisfactions greater in life than setting goals, working toward them, and achieving goals. Of course, it also stinks when you fail miserably at a goal, but let’s pretend that doesn’t happen. Setting goals is step zero in the process of doing just about anything. Next, you should Set aside an hour a day to learn This is helpful regardless of whether you have a goal in mind. Spend an hour every day learning a skill, doing research, reading on the topic, taking a webinar, or whatever. Maybe your goal is to live on the streets, you could spend your time observing the survival skills and techniques of the local unhoused population. Perhaps, this will inspire ideas...

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Erin’s Things: October 1

[ad_1] You're reading Erin’s Things: October 1, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. This week for my favorite things, there's a lot of technology, a great new book and a cool home store for those in California! Check out this week's list and leave your comments (and suggestions for other cool stuff) below! ALDEA HOME + BABY – The San Francisco home goods store is cooly curated with different rooms impeccably decorated as if in a showroom. Frequently on every best design list, it boasts some quirky and also very design forward items, from furniture to accessories and even clothes. There’s everything for...

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