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A Look Back: 40 Graphic Design Posters from the 1920s

[ad_1] They didn’t call the 1920’s “roaring” for nothing. It was an era of changes, with people taking daring leaps towards the future.In terms of design, let’s remember that they didn’t have the same tools that we now have. But somehow, this fact did not stop the designers back then to come up with amazing designs. Arguably, designs from the 20’s were some of the most influential of the entire decade. In fact, these continue to influence our design decisions up to this day.Art Deco proved to be one of the most popular trends back then, something that completely revolutionized how people looked at art and design in general. The concept involved incorporating different elements into a single look, regardless...

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The 7 Morning Rituals That Changed My Life

[ad_1] I’ve always wondered how successful entrepreneurs always stay energetic and motivated throughout their day. While it seemed that they were just highly driven people, there seemed to be no way I could achieve such a level of motivation. And then, I came across an interview with Tony Robbins on YouTube where he talked about his daily morning priming routine. I was blown away. It wasn’t Tony’s method that surprised me, it was the sudden realization that most successful entrepreneurs I’d read about followed specific daily morning routines. With further research, I found that almost all productivity gurus emphasized the importance of morning routine routines in setting the pace for the rest of the day. In a few short weeks,...

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5 Daily Habits for Success

[ad_1] Everything big starts small, which means that all the achievements one ever makes are the result of regular efforts, commitment and daily habits. In other words, some habits are exactly what may help you set goals and achieve what you want. Simply learn to apply them in your own life!1. Don’t be afraid of challengesThere is a wise saying: it is better to try and fail than to fail to try. Put simply, never run away from challenges, no matter whether they’re about daily situations, relationship or the sphere of business. After all, challenges offer us great opportunities to learn and grow, and the only thing you need is to see how to turn any challenges or hardships into...

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30 Fantastic Examples of Cookie Packaging Design

[ad_1] Food is definitely one of the easiest things to market. As one of the most basic needs of humans, it is something that has the ability to sell itself.But because of the huge need for food, there is also great competition. No matter how mouthwatering your food products are, there is still a chance that people will not buy it. This is why food has to be marketed properly despite the demand for it.Effective Food Packaging When it comes to food, you can’t just rely on people’s hunger to sell your product. Look at how much competition you have. If you’re selling chips, you would have to think about 10 to 15 other brands selling pretty much the same...

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7 Easy Ways to Triumph Over Any Negative Day

[ad_1] You're reading 7 Easy Ways to Triumph Over Any Negative Day, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. You’re on your way to work and that’s when it happens. The car breaks down. You try to stay positive, but nothing seems to work. To make matters worse, you’re already exhausted because you slept in and had to skip your morning coffee. So when you finally get to work, you can’t help but wonder how you could possibly get ahead on the mountain of tasks you have to do today. The truth is that negative situations are inevitable and happen to us all. The...

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