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Manners Matter 8

[ad_1] Impolite Children By Ron Ross The child sitting down the row from me in a dark movie theater needed to go to the bathroom. As he passed me in the darkness he stepped on my toe. He did the same thing on his way back. He never said, “Excuse me” or “I’m sorry!” He acted as if I was the ... [ad_2] Source link

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Bully Politicians and What We Must Learn From Them

[ad_1] If you've been following the presidential debates, you are well aware of the bullying behaviors of some of our candidates. Gone are the days when politicians debated national and global issues. Shockingly, but not surprisingly, the debates have mutated into verbal warfare against each opponent. ... [ad_2] Source link

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Manners Matter 7

[ad_1] Ingratitude By Ron Ross Kids are ungrateful because that is how they were raised. At birth, if they were hungry, all they had to do was scream until their mother fed them. The baby had no concept of what the mother just went through to bring the child to full term and give birth, then ... [ad_2] Source link

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Do You Capitalize On Leverage?

[ad_1] In the real estate world, we read and hear a lot about the power of leverage. Essentially, it means investing a limited amount of personal cash to geometrically increase net worth. Let's say you buy a piece of rental property for $300,000 with a down payment of 20%. You laid out $60,000. The ... [ad_2] Source link

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[ad_1] It seems that the Mindfulness conversation is everywhere. Why now, I wonder? After all, Jon Kabat Zinn PhD., a microbiologist, started his research in 1979. He initiated a weekly practice with patients from the Massachusetts Medical Center, which he called Stress Reduction. He quickly ... [ad_2] Source link

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Myths about Kumbh Mela

[ad_1] As mythology has it, the inception of this festivity began with the epic instance of “Samudra Manthan”, where there was a legendary battle for ‘Amrit’ (drink of Immortality) between the devas (angels) and the ausras (demons). During which amrit happened to spill at four places on earth namely ... [ad_2] Source link

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