Harib Shaqsy

Build Confidence by Overcoming your Fears

[ad_1] Fear can be the robber of our dreams if we don't learn to recognize it and then to work toward overcoming it. Within each and every one of us is an element of Fear. There are genuine fears that our body will warn us about, there are previous experiences that have created a fear within us as ... [ad_2] Source link

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What are the Dangers of FasterEFT?

[ad_1] Dangers of FasterEFT What are the Dangers of FasterEFT? I’ve been using FasterEFT for about five months now – on myself and my coaching clients. The results have been absolutely incredible. Issues that have stubbornly stuck around for a lifetime despite years of intensive self-development ... [ad_2] Source link

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Subconscious Power

[ad_1] By studying the powers of the mind both conscious and subconscious, we come to the realization that if we only knew how to use these powers, we could accomplish practically anything we have set firm in our view.Not only would we receive our wants and desires to the fullest degree, but also reach even our highest goals.The first time we hear this it seems to be a strong statement, nevertheless when we examine the whole nature of our-selves we are compelled to admit that it is indeed true even in its fullest sense, and that not a single individual can fail to realize his or her wants and reach their goals.All you must do is simply learn how to...

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Our Subconscious Mind

[ad_1] I class our subconscious mind a massive storage that our conscious mind uses to store data after processing it.Our subconscious mind saves all our previous life experiences such as our memories, beliefs, skills, faces, along with all the situations we have been through and the things we saw.Do you remember driving your car for the very first time?I bet you were nervous!You were paying more attention to the pedals, clutch, accelerator and brake while managing the gears more than anything else. If someone had asked you to smoke a cigarette or make a call while driving you wouldn't have been able to do such additional tasks while driving, right?Of course, because we don't use it to learn such tasks...

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How Your Subconscious Mind Works

[ad_1] Your subconscious mind is truly amazing. It is there to protect you. But it can not think things through like you can and it has no reasoning abilities.It remembers all the things that have ever happened in your life by the way you felt about them at the time of the experience.It knows everything! It can bring you anything you want, but It does not know the difference between good and bad, or negative and positive. It only reads what you want through you visualizing it, your emotions and how much attention you give to what you want.We all manifest things all the time. But we do it by accident so we sometimes manifest things that we would not...

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Heroes VS Villains

[ad_1] Everyone loves superhero films. I’m not sure about you but I sure do! Whether you’re a fan of the righteous heroes or the witty villains, we all can agree that the never ending battle between good and evil can be really entertaining. But have you ever realised that most of the time these so ... [ad_2] Source link

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