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Thoughts Are Like Seeds – Are You Planting Flowers Or Weeds?

[ad_1] "You can't harvest what you don't sow. So plant your desires, gently nurture them and they will be rewarded with abundance. " Vivian Elisabeth Glyck -12 Lessons on Life I Learned From My Garden.Thoughts Are Like Seeds - Are You Planting Flowers or Weeds?I especially love springtime. I enjoy walking around my neighborhood each day and marveling at all the colorful plants in bloom. I am rewarded each day with seeing blossoms that were not there the day before. Sometimes I see abandoned gardens where beautiful plants used to grow and now there are just weeds. It reminds me of life. If we do not tend our gardens (our lives), it doesn't mean that plants will not grow. What...

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How to Help Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – CFS – With Self Hypnosis

[ad_1] Getting help with CFS, otherwise known as CFIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome is of the utmost importance. This condition is enigmatic but you can find support through self-hypnosis. This approach can guide you to overcome the condition.Chronic fatigue syndrome involves fatigue that goes beyond tiredness. You may need help with CFS because the symptoms are debilitating. The condition leads to severe fatigue that does not go away no matter how much rest you get. Mental activity and physical exertion can make the condition worse.RamificationsCFIDS has a profound impact on your daily life. You are unable to function normally because you are so terribly tired. You can't concentrate or engage in physical activity for a significant amount of time. The...

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