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8 Things I Did to Improve My Current Job

[ad_1] The economy is in a terrible state; a state of which we haven't seen the likes since the Great Depression. Employers are slashing jobs at a record pace and unemployment offices are overcrowded with people now forced to reconfigure their lives. During these tough times we all want to avoid being the one to get the proverbial "pink slip"... easier said than done when you are at the mercy of your employers. Hard work may no longer be enough; it's time to step up your game. You need to show that you are not only worth hanging on to, but that you are a contributing member of the team that will help the company survive. The question on everyone's...

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Academic Success – The Six Secrets to Extraordinary Success, Secret #6

[ad_1] Step Six: Know You Are Capable of SuccessThis step is the sixth secret to academic success, if you haven't already, please read secrets one through five, so you become familiar with all the components that will help you succeed.It is so important to know that you are capable of accomplishing great things. Yes, sometimes the accomplishment of big goals require hard work, but if you apply the six secrets to academic success, you can accomplish more than most people would think possible. Let's review a few people in history who, despite being "burdened" with seemingly insurmountable limitations, went on to achieve more than individuals without limitations would be expected to achieve.Helen KellerWhen Helen Keller was two years old, she...

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What Are Your Expectations for the Future?

[ad_1] Why do you think everyone has different expectations and beliefs about what they can achieve in the future? I know you are expecting a really profound answer here, but I am afraid the answer is really simple. Your most prominent thoughts drive your expectations. So what you think about, actually does affect the way things turn out in the future. Your thoughts really do have an incredible effect on your life and how it will turn out.When last did you invest some time to ensure that your thoughts are positive and that you are in a positive mental state, where you consistently reflect a positive attitude to the world?Your thoughts create Everything in your Life It has been common...

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SEO Software That Helps Any Site Get Indexed And Backlinked Quickly!

SEO Software That Helps Any Site Get Indexed And Backlinked Quickly! http://contentnotifier.com/default.aspx?cb=yes&hop=harib review [ad_1] This Extremely Easy To Use Software Tool Helps To Get Websites Indexed By The Search Engines Quickly And Also Generates A Very Healthy Dose Of Backlinks. At The Click Of A Button, Content Notifier Goes To Work For Any Number Of Domains Boosting Rankings. [ad_2]

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Romance and Sex – Why You Can Have One Without the Other

[ad_1] There are many different types of romance in the world, and many different types of unique relationships that use romance in their own special ways. In today's society, however, many people immediately equate romance with sex, and the idea seems to be paramount in the minds of many young lovers. That begs the question: is sexy love the most fulfilling and rewarding type of romance out there, or can true romance exist without sex?Although we've covered such concepts as the romantic Kama Sutra, generally we steer clear of physical love and sex and instead concentrate on good old-fashioned romance. But when we talk about romance, it's tough to ignore sex, precisely because the idea has ingrained itself into the...

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Entrepreneurs and the Psychology of Success

[ad_1] It's a thrilling prospect - turning your idea into a huge success! Creating a thriving company, finding financial success, earning respect and joining the ranks of modern day superheros like Steve Jobs, Marissa Mayer, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Being an entrepreneur is an exciting ... [ad_2] Source link

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