Harib Shaqsy

The Value of Thinking and Feeling Positive

[ad_1] Emotions Have Evolutionary Value it is well understood that negative emotions have an evolutionary value. For the most part, negative emotions are associated with some kind of experience - fear, loss, and attack - that signals the activation of your flight or fight response. When you experience negative emotions you have a feeling of aversion, which acts to activate and set you in motion to identify what is wrong and eliminate it. Negative emotions are related to behaviors and actions that are associated with a sensory alert that activates us to focus on "fight, flight or conserve."Positive emotions also have an evolutionary advantage. They "broaden and build." Experiencing the good feelings of positive emotions increases your survival chances because...

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Inspiration – 3 Ways to Get It

[ad_1] Inspiration is what causes us to pursue our goals. It is the fuel that burns the flame within us. It is our reason why. You need inspiration before you can achieve noteworthy success.  In order to get inspired do these three things:1) Know what you want and why you want it. Take the time to determine what you really want. And then figure out why it is that you want it. It is not enough to say, "My goal is to run the Marine Corps Marathon." You have got to know the exact reason behind your desire to run in it. Whether it is for your health or a sense of accomplishment you have got to know exactly why...

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How To 4Pack – How To Feel Absolutely Great About Yourself, How To Become More Sociable, How To Have Fun Without Internet and Technology, How To Find The … For Your Loved One (How To 4Packs Book 14)

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How Would You Define Personal Development?

[ad_1] Would you define personal development like Wikipedia does "a process of individual self-development and the development of others. At the level of individual this includes goals, plans or actions oriented towards one or more of the following aims:- improving self-awareness - improving self-knowledge - building or renewing identity - developing strengths or talents - identifying or improving potential - building employability or human capital - enhancing lifestyle or the quality of life - fulfilling aspirations - defining and executing personal development plans - improving [social abilities]Or would you define it like Aristotle "as a category of phronesis or practical wisdom, where the practice of virtues (arĂȘte) leads to eudaimonia,[6] commonly translated as "happiness" but more accurately understood as "human...

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What is the Worth of Having Antiques?

[ad_1] There are many people who have passion for antiques or old collectibles. We often hear about antique auctions happening around us. Why are these people so crazy about the antiques ? What makes these people to buy old items in such high price ? What's it worth ? Often, they pay more than the actual price of the antiques. There must be a reason behind this maddening activity. Basically, antiques and collectibles are the rarely found items which have got huge monetary value. People convert their hard cash into the valuable antiques and when the need of money arise they just sell them in high price. So, one of the motives of keeping antiques is to earn money by...

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Positive Thinking and Overcoming Negativity

[ad_1] Negative thoughts are the greatest hindrance in the world. Someone who is suffering from chronic negativity has no chance of maximizing their potential in life. Overcoming negativity is necessary to finish any task. When negative thoughts are allowed to prosper, the person infected will have very little chance of experiencing growth and success. Every day we are bombarded with information and because of this, dread, anxiety and stress can easily enter our mind. Negativity is a battle within yourself. No one can take this problem away unless you are committed to overcoming negativity.Removing anxiety, doubt and fear is not an easy task: it will involve a process. It will entail you focusing on positive thinking. Even in the most...

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