Harib Shaqsy

Are We Stuck With What We Are?

[ad_1] Our character is an aspect which plays a major role in our perception and interaction with the outside world. Ultimately, it affects our lives on many gross and subtle levels. Any excessive quality in our character can easily turn into a problem either for us or for those around us. The tendency to be over-passive in one’s relationships might be as ruinous as being over-possessive. Being over-emotional can often interfere with rational judgment e.g. making us blind to the fact that those whom we hold dear might be taking advantage of us. The list can go on and on. The point, however, is not to label a certain quality as “good” or “bad” per se but rather to highlight...

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Why Abandon A Habit?

[ad_1] While considerations on theory and practice of "How to abandon a habit?" are quite common for many people, the question of "Why should I abandon a habit?" in the first place, is often not given its due attention.At first, that question might seem unimportant. If one should consider for example the benefits of quitting smoking, at least one such benefit is self-evident – the eventual improved health status of the smoker. This is normally the case of habits perceived as negative and we usually do not need much reflection to get convinced about them. It is not the case, however, when it comes to positive or neutral habits. Why should we bother to abandon the first and not try...

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2.3. Prepare for Action: Talk

[ad_1] You are about to change the total direction of your life. You are going to move from a life of relative idleness to one of ambition and perhaps even sacrifice and the transition can be scary. You need to talk. Some people will think you are nuts if you declare your intention to make a difference with your life. You probably do not need therapy, but you do need to discuss your thoughts, aspirations and concerns with someone who will listen. But who do you talk to and how much should you share? Your choice of a confidant can make or break you, so choose wisely. Here are three suggestions and one caution: First of all, choose someone who...

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