11 Things You Can Do Today to Begin Creating Your Dream Life

Many times people are drawn to the negative, so the pursuit of creating your dream life can be hard work. You need to train your brain to think positive again, like when you were a kid. You have to learn how to rid your mind of all the negative thoughts and emotions learned over the years and just remember the lessons learned.

It may seem simple enough to think positive, but when you are used to thinking negatively, it can be very hard. You will subconsciously be inclined to go to the negative if it connects you and another person. You have to make a conscious effort to fight off the negative thoughts and only focus on the positive ones. Sometimes it can feel and be like a battle, but you can do it if you embrace the idea and thoughts that can come with it. On the flip side, by being a positive thinker, your issues with fighting off negative thoughts will become easier since they eventually cease to exist or become a very small part of your thoughts. That’s because your positive thoughts are going to be overriding any negative ones. Just like fears, they are created in our mind – most of the time never coming true. You will have the necessary will power to stop negative thoughts in their tracks. You just have to learn to focus your energy on the right things in your life.

Look at the most successful people around you, who are they friends with, what do they do in their free time? (How do you personally define success? Hmmm…) Do they take time out of their day to spend with their friends and family or do they sit in front of the TV or computer like a programmed robot by themselves? You have to fully immerse yourself into positive thinking and creating your dream life for anything to happen. You have to surround yourself with positive influences. You have to be very focused on the positive and be committed to pushing away the negative thoughts and beliefs. There are always things beyond your control, however it is how you react to these things that create your future.

Here are some things you can do right now to start creating your dream life and make positive thinking easier:

1. Focus on positive thinking and positive things. This includes reading books that are upbeat like “21 Days To Creating Your Dream Life”, “The Power of Positive Thinking”, “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” or “Awaken the Giant Within”. The list goes on and on. Sometimes you just need to learn a new way to look at things.

2. Visualize. You have to imagine yourself being positive, acting positive and thinking positive, doing positive things for others. You should picture positive things in your mind and allow yourself to think and feel these positive situations. Catch yourself when you focus on the negatives and stop yourself. Start thinking and focusing on the good versus the bad. Not everything is in our control, but how you approach everyday situations can determine how you perceive them.

3. Use positive words in your everyday conversations. Avoid negative ones as much as possible. Watch how your friends and coworkers interactions with you change. Try and make your conversations and thoughts positive. When you are thinking to yourself, use positive words – get rid of the negative self-talk. Most people like to be around other positive people.

4. Stop making excuses. What holds many people back from being a success? Excuses. Hold yourself accountable for accomplishments, learn from past failures – but don’t dwell on them or make excuses for them. Live in the moment, not in the past.

5. Give time, money, or knowledge to help others. When you give in any form, you will feel better about yourself. If helping at a shelter, a retirement home, a hospital, you may learn how lucky or wealthy you already are, be it in the form of friends or financially. Surprisingly, you will likely learn new things with everything you do.

6. Be aware of negative thoughts. When you have a negative thought, you have to recognize it and replace right away with a positive thought. Think about where the negative thought came from, why you had it and how to deal with it. Being a positive thinker does not mean you can avoid all negative things. It means you learn how to constructively deal with negativity and how not to allow negativity to influence you.

7. Be persistent with positive thinking. Positive thinking should become second nature to you. You want to train your subconscious to be positive. Don’t let a day go by without making sure you are thinking positive. Put your energy into focusing on what’s right, not what’s wrong. Stop yourself when thinking negatively. Be thankful for what you have today. Health, love, shelter, family, friends…

8. Identify the fears that cause you to think negatively. Most of the time, when a fear is confronted, it ends up not being as intimidating as it first seemed. Fear is simply your minds lack of being able to see that bad things will not always happen. When you learn to let go of fear and trust in yourself you will see it is much easier to stay positive.

9. Watch your emotions. Try to stick to feelings of happiness, so that success and strength dominates you internally. Try to avoid feelings of weakness, fear and self-doubt.

10. Do things that make you happy. Watch happy movies, read happy books and listen to happy upbeat music. Surround yourself with happiness and you will begin to react to that.

11. Smile. Use your smile to project your positive attitude. Let your smile speak for you. If you do nothing else, then put a smile on your face. It will do a world of wonder.

Make positive thinking part of your lifestyle. It is just like changing anything else in your life. Let’s say you’re giving up smoking. You’re not going to tempt yourself with carrying around a pack of cigars or cigarettes or really want to be around people who smoke. Will you? The same can be said for positive people.

Make sure you’re ready for such a big change in your life. Ask yourself some important questions such as: Are you ready to be a positive thinker? Are you ready to let go of the negative thoughts and patterns? Are you ready to become and think more optimistically? Can you let go of the things that don’t really matter and look on the bright side of things? Are you willing to work towards becoming a positive thinker? Being true to yourself, you have to answer yes to these questions to be able to become a positive thinker enabling you to create your dream life.

Source by Stephen Mark